Dafremen Some folks think that those cute fuzzy little bugs that turn into butterflies are called caterpillars. They are not. Caterpillars are big and yellow and move dirt around. The correct terminology is CATERPIGGLE.

Hey, but you don't have to believe me...just ask a caterpiggle.

They're quite friendly, you know.
realistic optimist well i personally can't speak caterpigglese but luckily, i didn't mean the kind which crawl upon leaves. i meant the kind which traverse the simian brow. those waggly caterpillars you're scrunching up now. 031018
oldephebe simian brow..nice..can i appropriate that? the unibrow.. 031018
nom just..please! do not dip them in chocolate and eat them. 031018
Dafremen unless they ask me to.
See also: caterpiggle.
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