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How to untie the Six Knots...
. The Buddha said,

"Ananda, tell me now if the six knots of this cloth can be untied simultaneously."
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How to Untie the Six Knots
A lecture on the Surangama Sutra given by Master Sheng-yen on Dec. 13, 1992, and edited by Linda Peer and Harry Miller
Chan Newsletter No. 109, August 1995
The website of the Dharma Drum Mountain, founded by Ven. Master Sheng-yen. You will find information about our programs, teachers and reading materials. ... Untie the Six Knots. A lecture on the Surangama Sutra ... six knots, representing the six sense organs, eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind ... knots are untied, the mind ... - 27k - Cached - More pages from this site
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