arinna i look out my window into the mist. everything is half invisible and somehow that seems quite appropriate 010622
KnockDownDragOut Aaron always called fog "tangible emptiness" and we laughed at him for it.

Even though I've seen it now I still refuse to accept it.
belly fire I hate driving through it at night because it's both terrifying and exhilerating at the same time. There could be empty road on the other side of the dense white nothing in front of me...or there could be another set of headlights...maybe I'm on the wrong side of the road. Maybe someone else is.
It settles in the strangest places...usually the most perilous. Sharp curves, tree-lined shoulders, low areas and crests of hills. Looking like nothing more than crude cobwebs - it will suddenly blanche white and take the world away.
And then it's gone.
And all the while I can still see the jackass right on my bumper.
monee brain fog 050102
fishawk On the train to work: "operators, due to the thick fog throughout the city this_morning please slow down to allow the vehicle to be seen by riders"
So that no one missed their ride because they couldn't see it through the fog...
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