Joana. I dreamt the dream of horrors
I drank the sea of bloodied nightmares
And life feels inert now
When my eyes cannot be closed
With the lack of darkness
Looming over my tears

He sings in wordless phrases
The keys of my plight
The rooks that swoon through my brain
Scattering feathers black
That I've attempted to sweep
Those lightless views...

Yet alternating notes
Gently and insistent form a path
Upward and divine
In large emotional crescendos
Ascending in my soul

And I breathe profoundly
Awaking to the palpable
Still without you, still alone
But hopeful.
fyn gula two days.

it's been 2 days now.

i am a ball of yarn that has fallen down the concrete stairs, silently ascending, unraveling. the kittens follow until i am one long string of memory and they return to their sleep in the sun.

i am underscoring every smiling scene.
everytime you mentioned us. the two.

there is no such thing as an empty canvas because everything waits to be noticed.
jinx is what makes 1 a lonely number 021108
tree frog night can be as bad as one
it's the loneiest number since the number one
. is two joanna? 040425
two no.. my name doesn't even begin with a j. 040608
what's it to you?
who go