Q A prism with six rhombic faces. 000820
typhoid sorta like an off_kilter square. 000820
miniver What sadder word is there than rhombohedron? A parabola, maybe, a binomial, a chord, a vector. Centroids and secants. Decagons, octagons, quartics and quadrants.


My god, "hypotenuse"!

I know it's the euphony. The b's, and the d's, and the r's, and the l's. I just have to get that through my head. They're just words. Suffixes and prefixes; phonemes and lexical stress. They don't spring to life when people fall asleep. No chewy kaleidoscope universe exists that they inhabit. Okay.
oppressed_youth ...what I'm naming my first born son. 020809
thieums Probably a very interesting thing to smoke. 040518
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