Q GARSH n. 1. buttocks 2. look of dismay at being caugh unaware 3. crude word for the almighty 4. place to park a vehicle, garage 5. garbage 6. adj. garish 7. male name, Garsh Sterne 8. 4, 5, or 6 9. 1 and none of the others above 10. 1 and all of the others above 11. all of 1 - 6 but not 7 11. none of the above 12. v. garsh, garshed. garshing, to reject an unwelcome advance, vernacular "Oh my garsh": get the hell away from me my garter is coming undone. (Quoted from the Comprehensive Dictionary of All English, 300th Edition, Trinity University Press, Dublin (1936)). 000212
lokkust You would use it in that way, wouldn't you? 000212
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