girl_jane be happy like a tangerine istead of sad like a blueberry... 020907
girl_janes_correction *instead 020907
jane or horny like a banana or bitchy like a pineapple 020907
daxle or pensive like an apple or wild like star fruit 020907
goose berry or exotic as a lulo or luxurious like a strawberry 020908
werewolf misleading like an orange, or high maintenence like a kiwi.

indulgent like a mango, or aloof like a tomato.
not god RJONNZ: the big eep has landed
ziggy gilmour: you did NOT just do that
ziggy gilmour: fuck you
RJONNZ: large eep with a side of eep
RJONNZ: i'll bet you're glad i did that
Syrope "Did you like pineapple before or just after you found out?"
notemily be bursting with restrained pink elation under that thick green skin and white pith
like a pummelo
what's it to you?
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