paste! Wanted: A chance to become a permanent support
in a cathedral
Qualifications: Decent posture, young skeleton
References: Tommy Standstill, Lenny McUpright

I was laying in a field
eating poppy seed almond cake
and I noticed a blade of grass
next to a blade of a knife
next to Wesley Snipes from Blade and Blade II
who was laying next to canoes
and downed power lines that were sad.

When someone changes their mind
itís like a surface-to-air missile
heading towards Pythagoras on a hang glider
as if that can happen.

I went home.
Itís impossible to neglect
the big gray river horse (hippopotamus amphibius)
which escaped from the zoo
and came directly to my house
to smell my genitalia and bake a cake.
aw damn ..yeah..all da different angles i be fuckin ya momma from. 040127
sabbie pointy angels 040127
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