Q The charge of the electron squared divided by the product of the speed of light and Planck's Constant is a dimensionless number which is known to physicists as "alpha." Alpha is just slightly more than 1/137. Physicists and even mystics have tried in vain to explain why alpha has this value rather than some other. Finding the explanation is one of the major unanswered questions facing physicists at the beginning of the new century. 000821
celestias shadow the very first of its kind. 031127
u24 I don't like those horrid gammas, with their nasty khaki clothes.. no, I'm very happy to be an alpha 040312
notme omega 040312
endless desire oh brave_new_world 040329
thistooshallpass first letter of the greek alphabet.

The alpha male.

The alphabet.

First. Greatest. Foremost.

Opposite of Omega, the last letter. The end.
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