Q In ten thousand years just about everything that can happen will. 011106
nocturnal in ten thousand years, the world will have come to an end...with any luck, that is. 011106
ever-so-slowly insane years ago, i was a very young man

years ahead, i will be very old

and the years that are every second without you never end

why did you move to colorado?
why wasnt i good enough?
my friends all told me not to love you
and to this day i still do

i looked at some old pictures, i looked at me and you

we were so lovely at the time, even though it was when i started dying...

you were with another who had my same name, he was one of the ones you were with anyway...

i miss you every day, and even though i have found love again, you taught me so much

you were my first

you were untrue

i learned so much about pain from you

ahhhhhh, the years have not yet touched the burning red scar i have on my heart
Jacer Oh man, I hope Ever-so-slowly-insane doesn't want to remain anonymous, it's so most obviously anthony speaking about mel, and how he still loves her, that and talking about his 14.4 dial up conenction, haha, sucker!

if you want to be anonymous, don't make your identity so obvious
disarm ...burn 020802
silentbob its been years since i started all this 020803
Anthony actually i have wirelss now.... hehehe

and you don't it, so please don't be so harsh. some things you just have to miss, they weren't meant to be. of course i still love her, but things didnt work, i am happy now, but i still look back and remenisce (and bite me if i spelled it incorrectly)
pissed fuck you too 020829
Alvarny It felt like it has only been months... and while you told me that everything has changed...

I cannot truly agree... for things have not gotten better, and I do not want to imagine that it has gotten worse.
disasterandrew (seconds & minutes & days)
sixty? twenty five? nine? one?
No mater, nothing will change.
If I'm twelve, I'm twenty-three, I'm seventy & I'm on my deathbed all the while. What happens'll happen, & I'll be none the better, none the worst. Timing is to man as I am (a slave) to time.
Never (always) forget the pain,
from this, from last, from next.
Cover (emotions) & hide (fears),
for the next will come & when it's gone,
you're still (you) here.
what's it to you?
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