once again a singularity defined... it happened only once... once upon a time... there was no other quite like this.

And so, though many stories start off ocne upon a time. Only this one ever ended like this.
uow i once knew a man
maybe i've written about this before
i'm not sure. i delete things.

i once knew a man.
he used to bring his laundry over to get done
he'd eat supper and smoke in the living room
others wouldn't let him into their homes

but my parents were his friends
and i knew him a little
we once watched a circus show together

he lived in a cabin in the woods
way out in the really wild woods
in the valley my grandfather lives in

my mother knew his mother long ago
a lot of people knew them
valley folk know

he was found dead in a ditch
his body was left in the snow
they found him when winter was melting

there was a time he was going to be my neighbour
there was a time he spent a day at my grandfather's
he helped in the garden
and talked over dinner
about changing his life forever

grandpa phoned one day and said
he read in the valley paper
the man was dead
the police suspected murder

and they mentioned it
on the television

i found out the details from the cleaning lady
you see she used to help my family
that was her job, she cleaned and helped in the kitchen once or twice a week
and she liked talking
and she had been to dinner
at the coroner's

she didn't know i knew him
the dead man
and i couldn't tell her

i knew
the man who was murdered

and i had a dream about his death
there was a wolf biting my throat
i was running
but i stopped
and i could smell the wet leaves
uow today_i learned something.
i heard someone died.
another man i once knew.
and it reminded me.
it reminds me.
crOwl amazing story, mon. i loved it. a man i named rabbit rivers i once met sounds similar to this man of the woods.
fortunately he is my friend now. his blumengarten inspired monet_on_bartlett.
Cicero Once upon a town, a tiny town,
Near Mexicali, actually
There was a boy of no reknown,
None at all, actually.

He loved a girl, only one girl,
And she was oh so cruel,
But she was his whole entire world,
And she came to love this too.

They loved not too wisely,
(You know the rest)
He gave too much too quickly,
For he couldn't give any less.

Twice his heart was broken,
Battered by her fickle ways,
And on her memory he kept on chokin,
Until this day, this day of days

Something snapped inside his head
Something he didn't hate but loved instead
There from his hastily abandoned room
Grew a lovely rose, a wondrous bloom.

Now this boy from the tiny town
The town of no, of no reknown
He smiles knowing there are higher,
Places he can go to find her.

Her, that someone new.
Her that to him finally will be true.
silentbob once you wore my t-shirt to bed
and i
i wore nothing.
lime rider rice trinckles out of the box into a pink shiny pan. that's a sound you'll never hear again. Enjoy! 050707
password once, twice, three times 050708
c r 0 w l a_film_you_should_see

the soundtrack is on constant rotation at robin_hill.
c r 0 w l take this sinking boat and point it home. we still have time! falling slowly, sink your melody, i'll sing it all... 080206
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