silentbob Give It Back
Please give me my heart back
I don't feel you deserve it

Sure, you're real sweet, girl

Sure you look real nice

But things about you urk me

those spiders in your hair

that skin beneath your nails

a secretive twinkle in your eye when you wink

that certain kind of light always makes me think

please give me my sincerity back

i don't like you with it

Sure, it's returned (partially)

sure you ACT real nice

but something says you lie.

Those stories contradict themselves

a quiet insensitivy in your voice behind the sugar

that certain kind of tone that always harbors doubt

please give me my phone call back

you just don't seem to care about it

sure, when you speak it's all smiles and candy

sure your lips look really good that way on your mouth

But i don't have the money to make you try to see

you could have had everything you wanted

You gave up my heart, my sincerity

Now give back my attention, cuz i don't want you to have it anymore.
birdmad supply acommodate

dean-bean I'll give everything to you. If you also agree to take me as well. I deal with Alone none too well. 010402
Mandy Give it up. 040918
Mandy God damn you half Japanese boys. 040918
eat id My head said, "Go for a drink, see Blair."
So I did.
My tummy said, "Pick up some fries at the all-night drive through on the way home."
I did that too.
I feel a kind of satisfaction I haven't felt in years.
No denying myself.
nom i didn't give anything

i had nothing to give
what's it to you?
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