namae I've found that, rather than actually argue, most people will simply fabricate some reason to discredit my opinion and walk away. Supremely annoying. 010823
straw man also, the validity of an argument has nothing to do with the truth of its claim. you always have to go outside the argument for that. 031216
DammitJanet i've always hated having them. in person anyways. well, in any other manner as well, phone, msn, whatever. but especially in person. i get so frustrated because i try so hard to say what i want but it wont come out. it's being blocked and jumbled and i can't express myself. so then i'm confronted and attacked and i cant defend myself. all i manage to do is cry.

i hate it. then i look pathetic, emotional, inept. but it's the natural reaction my body takes.

some days i just want to argue. speak everything on my mind, get it all out. the only way i seem to do it is blather.

i always feel better afterwards.
misstree i had the same probelm for a long time... i grew a bit cruel, just around the edges, and it helps in personal interactions when i'm not letting the hippie guide me... i have always been argumentative in writing, though; it can be such a wonderful art form, dancing with logic and subtle insults. if someone is able to best me in actual debate, it signals a possible change in my paradigm; if they don't, it at least gives me reason to clarify the existing as i express it. 031217
straw man analytic agility . . . masturbation and sophistry. 031217
silentbob i know someone who started a conversation in the hopes of trying to talk about things. it got the reaction he'd hoped for, and i inquired as to what he'd like to discuss.
and he dove into an argument.
sans nom horror_bowl 040312
epitome of incomprehensibility The philosophical argument here concerns death and the maiden. My ululation generator failed at psychology. Denial nailed it. Tutu pilfer drums modify nothing. Gargantuan mirror drones flex every muscle in their topography. Pitter-patter, the drums natter. Nothing matters. Everything is energy. 140604
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