epitome of incomprehensibility Ambiguation page: can be several educational institutions, one of which is a university in Montreal. My alma mater, in which I obtained a bachelor's degree in Assorted Irrelevance and a minor in Discord.

This Concordia is marked by riotous rabble-rousers, in distinction to the socially conscious but sedate McGill. Once I went to an impromptu protest, but I was eating an apple so I couldn't really chant things. Oh, and I also took part in a tea-in. Highlights include free lunch at the People's Potato, a music program that inexplicably moved its operations to the eighth floor of the business building, and an astonishing amount of free pens if you hit the right tables.

A minor in music: A-C-E. For my Composition 2 class's concert, I wrote the piece which, when performed, sounded the least like actual music. For all this avant-gardeyness I only got a B+ in that class. (Possibly I was supposed to do a larger portfolio.)
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