thenestor What emma says when she's in lust. 981208
emma i make myself sick, really. 981208
thenestor Oh... so it's what Emma says to make herself sick. Wait... I'm getting confused now. Does blergh make you lustful or does lust make you blerghful? 981210
emma when i get to the point where my brain feels like garlic soaked in orange juice, my tendency to use made-up words kicks in. "blergh", "smoodge", "nooshi". i'm still not clear on most of those spellings, but now you know. 981211
dean-bean I am a mighty sea pirate. A mighty pirate of the sea. I capture prisoners and push them overboard. I frighten them with my cries of blergh, and by waving my hook hand. I also rub my chin with its sharp stubble over their sensitive necks. Bwahahahahaha! Blergh!! 000313
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