Graham Stewart Automobile, n.: A four-wheeled vehicle that runs up hills and down pedestrians. 010729
phil My automobile, gets me where I'm going, faster and safter then anything else in the world. I love my car, and it loves me, becuase it has to, because I'm delusional. Just a quick fix, and some lube and we'll be zooming again, me and my car, my car and mayself, us and the both of us together, the car and I zooming I say. Dammit, I haven't the strength to put up a good fight, but my car duz. Vrroom vrroom bang ikkee ikkee pitang zwoop. Listening to, the mexican radio. 020323
top down cromes spinnin i think my automobile reflects my personality.
Classy yet flashy
fast yet controlled
fun yet restrictive
god i think my automobile reflects my budget 041010
what's it to you?
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