reitoei watching the thin green line flicker up and down across the dirty grid at a 25 degree angle.
beethoven a quiet line with subtle bucjking curves and interweaving of tone.
rage-jagged spikes moving up and down never stopping
techno-curves, spikes booms collapses. and that 130/min undercurrent.
madonna-a soft curve rising and falling contstantly.
metallica- spikes and silence.
switchblade symphony-a steady current of curves underlying a few spikes and jumps.
the music is beautiful
(and no im not drugged-ive got an oscilliscope)
screwing for virginity someone told me that when he took shrooms, and played the didgeredoo that he couls see the music coming out of the bottem of it. 030119
nomme) creek bubbles 050706
what's it to you?
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