unhinged you know you're down when
you count the friends you have but
you only use one hand honey
it finally hit your face
has left you mighty low
you're just slightly out of place
your dreams have drowned again cause
you've never learned to swim
passed over blowed away
you'll hang your hat on yesterday
growing older
no better
you're older
but no better
you say you're upset
forecast the life you want just
beyond the colder front sugar
the winds of change blow through
it took the whole damn world i guess
it only left you
step forth and fire away
rebuttals drenched with rain delay
your dreams just washed away
while all us kids were out at play
older now
no better
you're older now
no better
that's right
---- fs

i miss you babe
Syrope usually they can drown out what's screaming inside

tonight i think the sky's met its match
APRicochetMVP i love just turning out all the lights, opening my blinds, and watching the storm through my window. the sounds are so peaceful. 050725
nom they beat the storm 060308
tilt it's a deep, dark sexual energy that even the most mundane of us can feel. zeus and thor battle each other while we watch on, helpless to the whims of the gods. rain assaults everything, saturating fields and soaking buildings, the wind pushes like frenzy. the raw power overcomes and we succumb to sheer awe. 060326
raze when it rains, it doesn't always pour. sometimes it falls in a slow, sluggish stream, and the absence of violence is as disconcerting as a knife of electrostatic discharge slicing through a tree that hits the damp grass and dirt with an indifferent thud. it's been alive longer than the two of us put together, seen things we couldn't begin to imagine, and it has no fear of death.

but this isn't that kind of storm. so the tree stays standing. and we sit beneath it, watching that slow rain through a veil of wet hair.
cooper rasha fucking_right there is a storm. 130303
past The breakfast conversations pick up energy over the coffee cups, turning into one sided tempests that rock the teapots on their shelves. 130304
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