kyla reasonable trout 011107
silentbob there's not nearly enough traffic on red 020313
chanaka able to cope 020314
lulie wanting to work any more. 020314
pilgrim Anyone hear about Time Travel Day? 020314
josie Does not impress me.
Does not justify the usefulness of the facilities provided.
Does not amuse me.
Not in the mood.
Not wanting to see all that squishyness posted in an attempt to leech attention.
Not interested.
Not writing on blue.
? here to impress you 020716
josie certainly not directed at you. 020717
kerry i'm just not.
for anything.

sat in the basement my last night of freedom, made tapes from vinyls until 1:00 in the morning, revised my story, added page numbers, came up with a title, finally.
"Minute Letters."
and i gave it to her today and she sneaked peaks when i was in the bathroom and i came back to this gigantic bowl of hot chocolate in the coffee shop no one goes to in the daytime
but the waitress is dressed up like she's anticipating something wonderful
and i'm jealous of her heels and pretty face
her accent

today i was wandering the halls after the last bell
it had just rung but the school felt empty
james is standing by his locker and i stop to talk to him
we walk across the campus, he misses his bus, he doesn't seem to care, and i wonder if it's my fault... we're talking about nothing special or out of the ordinary but now my kneecaps are quaking and i feel as if he pushed me down a flight of stairs
how is it possible for someone you adore to make your smiles feel like knives
not now got 041018
nom) i_am_not 050923
what's it to you?
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