lost i am in high school still but right now im talkin an emt (emergency medical technician) course at a college and getting both high skool and college credits. next semester i will take the cna( certified nurses assistant) course and i will be able to work in an emergency room as soon as i graduate. 020906
lost13 on december 13th i beleive i will be a certified emt and will legally have to help any of you sorry basterds who need their lives saved. 021125
p2 wow
but to paraphrase jewel
who will save my soul?
elmore muzzleton if you're paraphrasing jewel, your soul is already well beyond repair 021126
lost69 hehe... im sorry i have to agree with him if your paraphrasing jewel your far beyond repair. but thank you 021226
DIYtourist Extruded Metal Tubing
Cut Into Fractional Lengths
You Can Come Up With Some Sweet Sounding chimes
Or A Poor Man's Xylophone
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