yummychuckle I guess that would mean no more blather_flirting anymore. must stay faithful... 020323
lady lunchbox hey, that's what blather marriage is all about!! you can have your cake and eat it, too!! have a blather_commitment, but also keep on blather_flirting!! it's the best of both worlds! 020323
lady lunchbox now where's my blather_husband???? 020323
Mahayana {10_31_2014}

on Blather:
met in early part of January 2002
will be celebrating 13 years together on February 03, 2015
October 2014 "Gay Marriage" legal
married on Halloween 2014

{thank you Blather for bringing us together!}
dafremen Congratulations! 141102
unhinged thats great :-) 141102
() () 141103
epitome of incomprehensibility Hey, cool! Congratulations. I wish you both a whole bunch of happiness. 141103
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