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"In a Bar

The term "86" in a bar, nightclub, gentleman's club etc. refers to the status of a person who is no longer welcome at or legally able to enter the establishment. A person who has been "eighty_six'd" has been kicked out of the establishment, usually permanently. The most common reasons for a customer to be permanently removed from an establishment like a bar or club is inappropriate behavior inside the establishment.

Also in restaurant / bar terminology "86" is a phrase that is used internally between employees to communicate to each other that a specific food or beverage item is sold out or out of stock. I.e. "we are 'eighty_six' crab cakes" means that the establishment is sold out of crab cakes. The term is widely used in many restaurants. It originates from the Italian Mafia when someone was "offed" or killed they were 86, as in eight feet under and six feet long."
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