paste! I am sandals.
This is my bag for donations.
This is my arm, like a vine of magic.
This is my leg, like a glass tree.
This is my farm, it is envious of the...

itís a no-brainer to have a lobotomy.
ha ah hh, ow. oh, my, the garbage truck is grandiose like a pelican with heatstroke. it is end of july and the stakes have sharpened.
somewhere over the rabbit, the way is killed.

my head is filled with crab meat and crab shit! i like it that way.

senorita colon! dog shrapnel! mr. tippytoes eats the liver of the world! woo-HOOOOOOOOOOO! Qrrreality. Wharf-schlarf-enziology. vanderfookin has disobeyed himself. vanderfookin is the best kind of machine.
what's it to you?
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