pilgrim Vain hopes. 010202
fallen such a peculiar word....so much power in two letters....i...f.....if.....do you dare trust "if".....do you dare turn your back to "if'......oh the possibilities 010203
dean-bean Will you, won't you, will you won't you, join the dance? 010329
soia "if you want to see me, leave me alone" 010613
fallen this friggin word is gonna do me in

the smiths if I seem a little strange, well that's because I am 020212
lulie Jack said, "If you ever reach total enlightenment while you're drinking a beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose." 020216
bethany i don't beleive in if anymore, it's a illusion.
only the timid say it
Miffey if doesn't count.
No matter how much I think about it, if doesn't change reality.
I can only try to make now more like if.
belly fire if I could see you
if I could tell you
if I could trust you
if I could reach you
if you could read this and understand
then maybe.
Jarec i'm sad

i am inconvenient

i always knew i was

but before there was nothing else to eat the time

now there is

i'll be all but forgotten in a couple months

she went to the college closer to me, but i dont know if it was for me or because of the school.

i hope it was because of the school. being closer to me doesnt really matter. an hour drive is the same as half a country away if you never feel like sacrificing any time.

i gave up a lot last year. driving for about 9 hours every other weekend eats a lot of other things i could have done with friends, but it never mattered because i was so happy to see her.

i dont know, i had more to say but it doesnt seem to matter.

burned out, inconvenient, probably even irritating

mcdougall If it's raining and you decided to run up a set of stairs are the raindrops that are making your head wet hitting your head or are you hitting the raindrops? 031113
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