argo Just a reminder that food, for the most part, is unnecessary.

(yeah, Kafka blah blah blah)
mikey gotta have it! 010313
unhinged i have had the biggest taste for a hot ham and muenster on a kaiser roll with tomato, red onion, italian dressing, and mayo. mmm..mmm..mmm...yummy... 010313
nocturnal goddamn do I love food! if I were ever to have an eating disorder, it would have to be bulemia because I could not stand to go without food forever. I've tried it before, three days is the best I could ever do. anyway, I could never really have an eating disorder because I couldn't do without food and I hate throwing up. It's gross. Laxatives suck too. Speaking of food, I do believe it's time for an omlette. later y'all. 010314
Aimee I love sauerkraut. I can't help it. It's a passionate love actually. I can just sit there and eat if from the jar/can. Oh lord is there anything better? Especially when it's cooked with kielbasa. I ate a huge plate of it late last night and gracious... thinking about it just makes me drool.... man I love sauerkraut. 010314
mikey YUCK! eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww ew ew ew ew yuck yuck BLEH! GAG! 010314
mikey i love simple foods sometimes. like right now im making some top ramen noodles!! MMMMMMMMMMMM. beef heehee. YUMMY

or mac n cheese!

or grilled cheese sammiches
birdmad i like to cook
i go nuts when i've got a fully functioning kitchen

Among the things i can do quite well:
sirloin tips and sauteed mushrooms in a burgundy wine sauce, various pasta side-dishes, green-chili beef (or pork or even chicken), stuffed portobello mushrooms and/or bell-peppers, various iterations of chinese food (note to self, buy another bottle of five-spice)
a good fettucine pesto salad with red onion and very slightly sauteed japanese eggplant, and my infamous chocolate-amaretto cheesecake.

Things i don't do too well:
fried rice, mexican food other than tacos and the aforementioned green-chili creations, and my one attempt at sweet/spicy hawaiian orange chicken...used the wrong sauce for a base...utter disaster
florescent light I'm a cook.

And I will go into supermarket, and tell the people who hand out the free samples, that I am a cook.
And they will say,...'oh! please do try our so and so!"
And I will try it, and they will sincerely want my opinion.

And I say..."It needs a little more garlic."
And I just find it funny how they will take it so seriously.

It's fun to mess with them.
guitar_freak French fries dipped in honey...
ohh yeah
damn sinful
soia If I wanted to stop being hungry I'd have to eat all day long. There's something to be said for not exercising. There's something to be said for slow metabolism. Maybe there's something to be said for sedation. But I'm going the other way. 010529
Hallkwik there is no real food in the fridge at the moment.. its contents consist of butter, sour cream, chocolate milk, fuzzy-rotten fruit, a light bulb and a small, empty box of baking soda. yum yum. 020706
Hallkwik (oh, there used to be bread and cheese too, but i've been having grilled cheese sandwiches for the past... 8 days.) 020706
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