moonshine Being the best, isn't the only, and wouldn't dare to be the last. 010216
dean-bean Jack of all trades, yet master of none. The curse of flexibility. I'm not the best, I'm not the brightest, but I sure as hell say please and thank-you. Nothing if not polite.

Sigh. Being polite means nothing if you're the only one in the room.
spoons my best socks are black and white striped i wanted ones like the wicked witch of the east/west but they were all gone. but there still my bestest socks 010429
the swinger of birches i love socks. i'm beginning to think they are one of the coolest things to wear, especially brown argyle ones. thats great
anyway i saw my best friend this weekend. that was so great. we talked by the river, in the midwestern afternoon sun and talked about everything. it felt good to reconnect.

take a walk and breathe.
spoons whats argyle??? 010715
belly fire I don't just love you -
I need you.
I guess I'd like to think I'm independent.
That I don't really need anyone.
But then you make plans to go away for two weeks and I feel ...
You tell me about a funny movie you saw without me and I'm ...
"No wait, you saw that one with me, remember?!"
Right, I do remember.

Napping on opposite sides of the room.
Working on opposite sides of the store.
I feel both safe and powerful when you're there.
But always weak and empty when you're not.
I wonder what I'll do when I'm finally without you.
I wonder if it's healthy to need you so much.
DammitJanet OPC's going to be tough on me.
I already suffer from withdrawal: it only takes a couple of days but it can last a lifetime.
I don't know what i'll do without you.
How did I ever manage?
silentbob i modified the word friend with the word best. doesn't that mean something to you?? 031021
lotuseater i had the best night i have had in a very long time tonight.

i went to a concert, just some local metal bands (pretty good, actually)

megan was there
everytime i see her i am blown away at how fucking sexy she is.

she defines desire
cuddly girl... smells sweet
call me soon
what's it to you?
who go