Casey "I love the little tacos...I love them gooooooood." 021025
daxle let's make biscuits! 021026
Casey I loveded you piggy! I loveded yooooou! 021026
ldxae why my piggy!! 021028
Elzbieta I'm gonna play with the babies! 021028
Casey Ohhhh...I wanted to explode. 021029
x I'm gonna make the cake! 030703
misstree Yaaaay! I'm gonna be sick! *horch* 030703
x Hooray! We're all doomed! 030703
it_always_rains_on_the_unloved 'but i neeeeed tacos, i need them or i will explode! that happens to me sometimes'

Zim- 'GIR! come to the observation room'
Gir- :: zooms into the room ::
Zim- 'What did you do to the telescope?'
Zim-'you havnt touched it? Something is broken, and it's not your fault?!'
Gir-'I know...i'm scared too'
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