Mahayana Subj: call me 867-5309

Date: 3/7/02 11:04:02 AM Central Standard Time
From: Kelly.E
To: fireworxs@aol.com
Sent from the Internet(Details)

Hey frassy, COuld you call me please? 805-****, not 867-5309 (sing)

[wow what weird synchronicity toDay]
[[i just sang this song to someone special just not more than 30 mins before this email]]
Mahayana :; puts the song on ;:

[[[its a topic toDay 4 a reason]]]
[[maybe i can discover it]]
][anybody ever try this number][?

[i wonder who.what is behind it]
a_grilled_fish Quite an expensive phone number... 040520
8675309 makes a cool pattern on a telephone 040905
what's it to you?
who go