h|s|g We humans are going there
by_all_means even if it kills us.

makesense 'cept that if we can't figure out may_peace_prevail_on_earth than i_don't_think we_have_a_chance

i_c th e ar th is a seed. wHeN grow_up we'll go_out_and_play

many_monkeys work on this evenow as_we_blather

+he cube is cut many_ways_at_once well, rounded, i_guess What functions one_way assists_sideways another. The order_from_above overlooks and assesses HoWeLl it can be improved and where. perspective_like_a_golden_ratio or spiral_thingy

I wonder if there are aliens helping us gethishitogether. idk. maybe_they_don't_like_us sorry_aliens we're_not_all_assholes just our holographicounterparts repping our suppressed_psychological_incarnations
h|s|g *then

(yes, i know. but is_this_really_worth_the_attention)
what's it to you?
who go