birdmad disguised as tom jones on ecstasy beat
beat beat

(the rhythm the rhythm)

loud quiet loud

dancefloor explodes when the tempo kicks up

bodies and sweat

think i better dance now
piglets adventures in hyperspace and beyond the raver's manifesto
guitar_freak I was listening to this shit over some headphones while laying in the dark. My body became numb and suddenly i was immersed in the beat. It was so cool how everything seemed to go numb and i just WAS the music 011125
psychobabe ah trace music. One of my favs. Beating to the enchanting rhythm, falling into an abiss. Music traveling throughout the room like a beam of energy hitting everyone makeing them MOVE! your head feels light you body and feet seem to be stomping and moving with the feeling, the high of the music gets to you and you are caught within its web. 011125
bpm birds per minute a good trance mix cd
if you can find a copy of it online

Markus Schulz

(the media company that originally produced it may not be around com charlatans caught by the feds... so try the record store here is AZ that marketed it)

i would rate him as being almost in the same league as Oakenfold or Digweed
guitar_freak i don't even like trance music 011125
Sonya Oakenfold is good, but he is a DJ. He spins OTHER people's work. I realize that's what a DJ does, but you all might want to check these out:
-Male trance artist who is making a name for himself gradually. He mixes other people's work too, but he makes a lot of his own original trance music. The sounds range from break beat to fast to ambient. I'm an avid trance fan and he is probably my favorite solo artist.

Also try getting a hold of anything by Paul Van Dyk (anything off of his Seven Ways cd) is very good. He makes his own original trance music and the titles are appropriate. Literally there is no way to listen to any of his stuff without feeling the need to dance, or without feeling slightly excited or aroused.

Psytrance is probably the best branch of trance music. (Yep there are small branches.) Hallucinogen and Astral Projection are probably the 2 groups to look into. They make their own work and listening to their work is a whole different experience. And we thought music couldn't be a drug....their music begs to differ.
whirly (psychedelic) bird i love BT's track with M. Doughty from Soul Coughing, great piece to just move around to

true, the artists are important, but sometimes it takes a great DJ to really give life to some of these cuts by way of the mix
luck is green shpongle? 011126
Sonya I do enjoy the DJ's spinning and remixes but I always find myself wondering just exactly WHO they were spinning, therefore I love the artists very much. Some of the best DJ's I've heard are Oakenfold, Sandra Collins, Sasha, and DJ Tiesto.

Some other lesser known trance groups that are AMAZING: Lost Tribe, Tenth Planet, The Infinity Project, and Genetic.

If only we could have a blather trance fest...underground underground dancing. Dance all night, dance all day, dance the years away, and swerve with the beats!
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