kyla one-thousand eyes for an eye 011107
Anna_Began Now. Not January 27th. Not again after May. Now. Fucking now. And don't speak to me, don't call me, don't write me. Just go away. Because I can't take having my heart twisted around your fate, twisted around the truth anymore. If you were gone you'd just be someone I know overseas, maybe a friend overseas, but David who is only forty minutes away.. who sent me maps to his house. I am tired of being pushed and pulled, tired of the chaos, tired of missing my home and forgetting you're not the reason for my not sleeping there. I am tired of you bearing influence on what my soul is becoming again and all I can do is ask you to leave. 021209
jinx Leave her. Come home to me. 030106
DammitJanet i'm at work but far from it
so many people
so much conversation
so incredibly repetative
have you ever wanted
to leave your vacation
to get away from it all?
jolie just a few more days of school. Almost time to leave it for good. 030514
nom i didn't want to wake him 060207
meep when will i leave life for i feel it is past time. a couple of decades is all i deserve. how long must my incarceration be? 060609
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