kyla Frankly, I think all of this Windows and Bill Gates bashing is blockish.

In fact, frankly, everything a person says is blockish until/unless every single one of ALL of his actions and theories are REMOTELY faithful to said sayings.

Ah, fuck it. I just have a hard time tolerating closed-minded "open-minded" people who are full of crap.
pralines&cream Blame me for breaking your heart,
blame me for dashing your fantasies onto the sharp rocks of reality,
blame me for shattering your innocence
into thousands of little
pieces of rejection.
Blame me for your hurt, your rage, your seething jealousy.
I bare the cross that I created.
Blame me.
pilgrim To what end
This sensless madness?
Ever onward
Out toward the new Horizon
Leaving no regret
In the wake
of time passing
The fault lies
let it remain

on the bottom
. exactly 020207
silentbob i used to be easy to blame you. but now i can only blame myself 020207
mon uow it was all my fault 050320
no reason you always blame yourself, and i always tell you not to. sometimes people are in different places and want different things. but maybe that's scarier and harder to swallow. 140109
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