Coldmeshach Flames. Water spilling over warped whistle sounds. weeeeeewoooooooooweeeeoowoooo. Its holding inside the flames, until it freezes externally. the fire is the variable. the addition of negatives. the subtraction of positives. my god. Its all heavenly in the cold, until you need fire.half n half is balance. its all 50 50. its all 200 200. 021023
WiseMeLoN keith 021023
mahdi I don't know who it is,
but it probly is fhgwgwgads
Coldmeshach Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 021217
coldmeshachachachachachachacha YOOOOOOOO MAH DIIIIIIIII!!! 021217
DisasterForecaster You drunken bastard. fuck me and you in Europe or Asia. 021218
coldmesach Nonnad 030106
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