silentbob if dreams are like movies then memories are films about ghosts 010713
namae Are children happy because they are ignorant, or because they know something we've forgotten? 010731
psychobabe Transitional thoughts
Have you ever really looked at
this place we call home?
The world that which is here to be.
Stereotypical, hypocritical evolution
Killings upon killings, why we cease
to be i have no clue.
All the spoils of a wasted life,
brought all together at once..
Moments at times life seems great
but times in moments it seems to worsen.
The destiny of choice, all becomeing clear
So much is left to be uncovered!
We dont see this? We dont want to see it!
Walking around, ending lives, judgeing
Persecuting to live!...
All that will be left is silence.
Silence and nothing more
Cicero Today you made my stomach knot. That look - I've never seen that look before. I drove to my photo assignment feeling lower than my spirits. If only I wasn't me. You are irresistable - I'll fight myself to keep you. Perhaps I've invaded your realm. This place, this blather, is yours, not mine. Perhaps I should keep out and allow you some solidarity. 021211
inconnue i keep running back to the morning
the morning i found my friend
robin dead robin
tessa namae

the only truths are in question form

i wish i was a child again / still / always
aM i DiStUrBeD? Do i know what i want to be?
Or even who i am?
Thoughts i wish to persue,
Trying to fill this white expanse.
On this dirty page,
The lyrics being tatooded.
My feelings burning deeper.
I now know that i am confused.
flux mm.
anandamide: the chemical that regulates ignorance and bliss..
monee i like to think
i was always_free
i was always_loved
two you are free
you are loved
guitar_freak So it is finally over. No more wondering what the next fight will be over or when my heart will get stomped on again. I can start over, do what I want to do. Four years is a huge chunk of my life that I shared with you. I will never regret it. It is just time to move on and see what is down the path. I wonder whats next. 041205
0of46 part of me will always love you... 041206
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