belly fire ...for me he has been there, however subtle, as my objective psyche, as my supporter (anonymous as it were), and always willing - willing - to be there.

But he is leaving me, I feel it.

The boy in him pulls away and he is leaving. Of this I am convinced. I will be left to only remember him as I choose to and, worse, left to find someone to fill his void. And I know right now that can't be accomplished. He is unlike anyone - I have already given up on a search I haven't begun.

You are leaving me and I am empty.
Emptier than I have ever been.
spades41 my thoughts are always leaving me. ther they go. 021116
limanne If I could build a kingdom
We would wave these banners high
We'd take back this generation
We'd be leaving here tonight
belly fire You have been leaving me for some time now
Or perhaps it was I who left you, a long time ago.
colorful guth our_lives_in_a_suitcase 041112
belly fire With a spring in his step,
another boy leaves.
I want to be happy for him,
but I'm too selfish.
what's it to you?
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