DammitJanet i've seen this place already.
i've been here before.
but when was that?

that's already happened!
i don't remember when, but it has.
this is the only time.

three times he fell out of the box and i couldn't write down his name.
it's because he wasn't meant to be here then.
and he wasn't.

that's my brother.
don't call me silly!
it's him i swear.
see? i told you so.

he's going to leave.
his face was blank last nite.
and then i couldn't find him.
now he's gone.

i told you that would happen.
because i just knew it would.
don't ask me how.
i don't know.

she's dying, why won't anyone belive me?
i can't tell you why i know.
you'll call me stupid.
look, now she's dead!

it's been 9 years now.
it's supposed to happen soon.
but why should i worry?
it's just a stupid dream.

nom remind me to get on the bus next time i hear the birds singing morning sunshine 040403
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