Frizzie Some People love conflict and these people would be rendered useless without it because they need something to fight. What a drag. 010312
mikey i resent that. its offensive. i see you dont show your email. defend yourself if you make such bold statements.

ok im joking. =o)

but i do agree. its called HUMAN NATURE
nocturnal conflict annoys me when the other person can't see the obvious and refuses to listen to the reasoning behind it. other than that, it can be fun. usually useless, but fun. 010312
dB Isn't it through conflict that we better ourselves? 010312
dean-bean I try and avoid conflict when I can. Yes. Of course. As you wish. Slow smile.

Really. As you wish. Just look at me, okay?
the amazing paperclip skeleton of interest 010515
recovering addict conflict scares me to the point of being an asshole to avoid it. my dad was a screamer. the only way i could ever get him to stop was to agree silently. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" 'yes....' 010515
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