silentbob the safest place in the world is my bedroom

by me

I never wanted to kill myself

Just wanted to take something sharp

Jab it someplace that will take attention away

from the ache in my heart

considering whether itís worth it

to end my life by ending the pain

Not an end to life

just an end to feeling

Something I always wanted:

A remote control

with volume features

to dull out the noise

of my heartbeat when I cry

nothing to hear but

banging on the wall

the slamming crashing pounding sound

of anger out of control

You stole my heart

And I want it back.
mikey i have got yours at this very moment 010127
stupidpunkgirl i had never asked for your attention

i never tried to win you over
it was the other way around
you wanted me

so when you left
why was i the one that was so fucked up?
splinken brass in pocket.... 010201
god i'm special... so special 010201
pilgrim Click, and move on.
Click, and move on
Check out the blathe
Find the next link
Click, now I'm gone
silentbob all_i_wanted 010411
j_blue as it was in highschool, as it always is

the place where your sould resides

where you are safe
blue&black you always have to have all the fucking attention don't you? you couldn't even leave a i could get to know him. you needed all the attention... you're one of the most selfish people i know. 010411
j_blue the story of whose life 010412
y I just wanted to bring it to everyone's attention that DAFREMEN is talking about RED on BLUE. It's supposed to be an accidental discovery, but he wants to piss in that pie as well...What a... 010724
pilgrim Red is the small town with open skies.
Blue is the crowded Metropolis that never sleeps.
I hitched here from there in a URL driven by a stranger.
Now the stranger is carrying others this way.
No harm,
Most city dwellers get bored with the country life and soon return to where they feel more stimulated.
I'm not really expecting to see any Urban Sprawl soon,
Though this might be a good time to snatch up as much of the Riverfront as I can get a hold of...
Just in case.
jane if i had everyone's attention
what the hell would i say?
what's it to you?
who go