birdmad in the hell? 010207
inxs you need 010207
grendel professional help 010207
fallen 'whatever happened to the golden ball?'

can somebody please tell me.....::mumbles:: on second thought maybe some things are not for me to know
chanaka would you do if i turned cold, rejected you? 010215
misstree go down to the bottom of the murkiest pond to find the golden ball.

bring it up with you, and giggle when you're done.
twiggie is wrong with a person if they glance at the word "what", and the oompa loompa song (from willy wonka...) comes to their head? 010220
carlie and the chiidi factory "...do you think of that" 010220
guitar_freak so ____? 011120
Toxic_Kisses ...exactly is it about me you hate?
Feel free to elaborate
marching_ants ya youre just fucking brilliant a god damn pie in the sky, you stick out more than the boils on my ass 011218
angie is the meaning of this? 020510
Anna_Began the fuck?? you change your feelings, or your mind, or the desire from inside of your pants more often than I change coffee filters... I am not in the mood to be misled, nor am I in the mood to put up with this intrinsic need you have to lead me to all of my dreams coming true while going on.. and on.. and on... about your conquests. I am at the very least, meaningful in your life and I would appreciate being treated as such. You sir, do not own me. You do not snap your fingers and expect me to be at your beck and call. You are not someone that writes and talks and melts me. You do not pull my heartstrings and share my soul and turn me into a love struck adolescent. I would give up nothing for you. Well, maybe a few evenings, and a few fleeting thoughts... oh, and the occasional song. Ok, and perhaps some 73 pages in my journal. My sanity, maybe.. and some future plans. But that is most definately it... oh jeez.. what the fuck am I doing? 021209
silentbob the fuck am i doing up so late 040103
two not so important to me lately as why
and maybe not even the why but the how


I seek reason in something perhaps without it
but seek it i do

seems to me as if you haven't a clue why you act the way you do, yourself
but that leaves me feeling no less confused or lost about things
not despair sort of lost
but the confused, unsure of how to react

feels like i'm a deer in the forest
and i've just barely caught the sound of
the arrow being pulled back in a bow

what am i supposed to do?
what can i.
huh um? 080104
what's it to you?
who go