silentbob two faces smiling
two figures rocking back and forth in a car to a really loud stereo
two voices on a phone that get mistaken for each other
two boys of unequal ages and unequal status that are associated with one another
lulie two voices finishing one sentence. 021014
belly fire do you think I am the same?
my nails are long and polished
my radio is tuned to contemporary
my punk clothes have creases from laying in misuse
my friends leave messages still unreturned
do you think I am the same...
do you think I am still here?
nom he gave me the same price 060625
PeeT we woke to another blue sky and a promise of sunshine. as i was loading our luggage back into the jeep, the band who played the show were also loading their equipment into a small beater car. the keyboard player, spotting my snowsports school coat asked me which school. we chatted a bit about his home town of bend, oregon and all it has to offer for the outdoors lover. there are places to find obsidian!

the plan was to drive out to the willemette valley for a visit to wine country but first breakfast. it was up to me to find a place. a minor search produced besaws in the northwest section of the city known as the alphabet district.

after one last walk around the art laden hallways of kennedy school to get a less critical look and more apprecitive one, kathy fired up the gps and we followed the little blue ball to the organic, local foods cafe. parking was tough because hipsters pushing babies in four wheel drive strollers were out in force. we had to wait a bit for a table to open. our server was super kind and while we finished our yumminess, she even sat down with us to write down directions to forest park. thanks also to ouroboros who suggested it in the portland post.
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