silentbob after 030925
khrist krispies driving a cheap and easily combustible car into a row of well-sunk bollards 030925
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Fido Whatís left after this fuck all film fest university-paid stoning of the blest Best of minds and hearts culled in Calvinist co ops broken and tokin til their time comes or lest change bites or lust jumps on their brain stem and from this alights into night
post-college we play fables clean-pretty as clark gables and tell stories of experiences we didnít expect but prepared for and dropped dollars to pay for and took care to save for. And now we bleed our hopes and greed into wicker baskets only slaked when red flows from every bulging weave. good god save me jesus for I was deceived!
american hearts cracked on corners flow thru gutters flanked by mourners with nowhere else to go! ravin and wicked smellin like burnin liquid was all the dad this kid had now heís broke and livid! Was it this country tis of me that left me alone outwitted? Now on the streets armed and polyester outfitted I snarl at you but it wasnít by us that we were pitted. For I saw the Kings on high looking down from midtown skies upon us the Many from whom theyíd taken not all but plenty. The revolution is not spoken about overtly but to live must beat in hearts just covertly until we the poor and broken remember for what we must live and die for. Rich class caste borders run deep into the darkest mental orders but disorder may break free its barbaric cages once we recognize that those bars can be sages whispering the rages not dead but cooled and reserved in sacred places. W e pray unite us God and give us strength to save us from our primordial hatred but in books lie words by man inscribed and by the masses imbibed until we have lost all sight of where humanity has already been true and tried. In truth itís our own lies that leave us tied.
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