jinx Do I?

Sometimes-but not about everything I should.
the swinger of birches i would package it up in a little plastic tackle box and make sure that you get some. it would be for emergencies only, of course. in those moments that you are all alone and you believe you are going to commit suicide, you could open it up and take out the fuzzy shaped one and stick in your mouth and you would hooked on care. 021206
mon uow and i don't care if i don't care 050408
obnubilate does anyone?

perhaps only about the self.
and not the self but only the shell around it.
Isaou Sometimes it gets to the point
where you know that you should
but you don't.
It's then that you know
once again you must show
on the outside at least
some form of human feeling.
Pretending to care
pretending to have an opinion
is the only thing
that some of us know.
You'd be surprised
how much feeling has died
inside these hollow bodies
of ours.
To you it may seem strange
that we can't
that we don't
get effected any longer
by the troubles in the world
the troubles in our lives.
The show put on
for your display
is just a guess
at what a normal kid
would do.
How they would react
How they would feel
How they would go on
I don't care no more
but I'll never let it show.
PeeT acknowledging the awareness of change,it is the only thing that keeps things together. 120118
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