Citation Needed I seriousely want to start a new primative nature tribe with a new language


Ti Aposka, sakowa, mapona fesi wanhmak mu ne shamma?
sploink han po'yama yoh muna rufura. spliandoki mohgomoh pokoka. aposka mu ne shamma? sakowa mu ne shamma? mapona fido wanhmak mu ne shamma? glei crumo answino mu Shlonunuoba natives lungioa onl'imo.

ti="is" Aposka="potato", sakowa="string beans" (sa="string" and kowa="beans", mapona="peas", wanhmak="carrots". Fesi="or" Mu="is" ne="any" shamma="good".. still working on it.. I will create a new tribe one day!
somebody let no one stop you 090801
faded shadow I'll wait about five years till your more evolved and prosprose be for I take your land land resources and women. Yesss we will precious 090801
did you mean... "prosperous" ? 090802
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