silentbob the last thing he says to her after he pulls his pants on right before he walks out the door and out of her life. 010713
daxle for being there,
but I only need myself
Q It could be that everything would be bad, but plainly that is not the case.

So it seems reasonable that at least one day of every revolution of our Earth about its Sun be devoted to giving thanks for all the good things that happen.

To what or whom this thanks should be given is uncertain, even sometimes a matter of dispute.

It really is not necessary to decide. Your lover, your nuclear family, your extended family, yourself, anyone, everyone, all living things, light, the sky, the universe, the victuals and wine in front of you, any of these things or all of them, and other things, will do if you have no spiritual force or deity in mind as the sole recipient of your gratitude.

Whatever you do, enjoy the day of thanks giving.

To all of you in the USA, where today is Thanksgiving Day, have happy ones.
no reason in the spirit of the day, it occurs to me how much you realize what you have or don't have during huge periods of change. this year was the biggest transition year of my life so far, and i literally couldn't have done it without the help i received. it amazes me how much people step up, or accept you, when they see that you're trying for something you really want, even when it seems difficult or impossible, and even when it inconveniences them.

so, to say i am thankful for that is an understatement. i still can't wrap my head around it all sometimes.
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