god no thank you! 010929
fli Bibbles bubbling blorps of blather..........or blather bubbling from Bibbles blorps? Beyond Bewildered! 010930
ever dumbening viscous liquid chunkily exiting soft-sided plastic container 011203
"Ancient Pagan" Fli, that's a good one...I like that!

Blorp is the sound of a big ol' turd hittin' the toilet

Its also the sound of boxer snot as it strikes the ring

Blorp desrcibeth the vomitational strains of Shakespeare super stoned

Blorp is the sound of brie as it hits the kitchen floor

'Blorp' may be a troll-child's name somewhere in the Astral Realm.
User24 blurgh 030425
User24 blorp likes organizing real parties. 030425
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