unhinged i can't stop thinking about it. the sweetness of it, you. the hotness of it, us. i feel like i can't talk to you about it. ridiculous. so i force myself to assume nothing has changed between us. but of course i can't but help look at you differently. try as hard as you might, you can't help but look at me differently. i find myself constantly daydreaming about what it would be like every night, every morning to be next to you.

and i have a date with someone else tonight because i've forced myself to assume nothing has changed between us. even though my heart wants to be with you again, all the time, always.

(this has the potential to be very messy in the very near future)
no reason worried/paranoid 081009
past nicole, i hope it was a good night, and that the potential blow up isn't too messy. sometimes they are over thought, but, yeah, have fun tonight :) 081009
unhinged maybe a little too much fun and the marks to prove it. i consider it an early birthday present to myself.

lg what a fucking mess....

it could become a novel.
what's it to you?
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