soia last night laying in the dark trying not to fall asleep to make it home, didn't want to sleep there, looked over and thought I saw D and it gave me a heart attack and didn't know whether to cry or laugh but really just thought "fuck. this will never end."
This will never end this will never end this will never stop
tell you to tell me this neurosis is different cause I'm different now and I will not live like this cause I can't and I know if I just had the right combination of mineral elements and attitude these words would stop flowing out of my mouth like I'm a fountain throwing up so much internal water. Oh yeah I've got this siddartha thing confused but I've always been that one to see the goal but not know how to act it and so we'll just say the story ended well but we know what really happened except these days we know this is no right/wrong/good/ what the fuck ever.
amy bittersweet shadow 020825
Time Becomes a Loop after day after night after day after night all it is, all it ever will be tick after tock after tick...... 040822
crOwl 'night, i'm goin' t' bed. 041121
krupt is when i charge my fone... 080310
exquisiteparadox night

the time when emotions bleed

tears blur

creation vivifies

kisses intensify

air liquifies

eye makeup smolders

lips stain

inhibitions flounder

music bites

eyelids weigh

life whispers possibility and
or stagnation

rake your tongue across your teeth and taste it
what's it to you?
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