a i feel very light. i am still searching my soul, but i am feeling light. s'alright... you guys look like a bunch of dragons, too. you know, how they sing in the lighthouse in Puff the Magic Dragon. it might be that. 010222
angie there is a light that can overcome the darkness, there is no darkness that can overcome the light. scary cult man singing to my school. making us practice in that sick twisted singing ritual. scary 020508
straw man light is what trees drink. 031215
anonymouse i can't get through the gates
and i'm tearing at the walls
but I can't even get past my own skin
I want someone to take me out of here
everywhere I look, I run
running from something, but nothing
running deeper into darkness
I dont recall this fall that left me so


I'm slicing at my skin
just trying to break through
some days I see the light
Cicero The Lighthearted and Willing
to navegate waters uncharted
killing natives whose belated
awakenings to modernity
got them butchered as martyrs.
so, son, take this from my hand.
it is yours now.
and if you fail
the moans of their children
will in your heart wail
beyond internity
until you moan along,
a whispering ghost of yourself.
wandering stars I dreampt that blather was in the sky at night, letters scrawled with the tips of glowing cigarettes. 050121
hsg brilliance 090715
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