kerry hey salty eyes
i think of you when
driving by screaming poet fields and broken sad cars,
drivers lurking
temporarily homeless on the shoulder.

thinking of you
not toasting to me
when my REM is the hot new beat
and the darkness is so bright
im subconciously blinking.

like i want to claw trough the mattress
oh i do.
fall through the floor like in a music video
but i dont even appear on your countdown
i am on pop up video,
the reject show,
with side comments, cruel jokes, and reminiscing.
im always reminiscing
bout things i made up long ago
dreams you costarred in.
i have to remember like i do during scary movies,
its not real.
dont get emotional.
because i was this close,
if only i could cut and paste timeframes,
nothing is fair when you are jetlagged and lovestruck
and i'm avoiding my life in a basement
laughing at reagan jokes and
counting down the end of our time.
doesn't it feel like we've turned a page?
could anyone have prepared either of us for this?
jinx Kerry, I like this. 030306
Mandy i do, too. you are neat. 030306
what's it to you?
who go