q i don't go so 021218
SuicidalAngel crush it up
spread it out
up my nose
then blow it out

onto a rag
crystaled snot
thoughts are vague
have stomach rot

pass it on
watch them cringe
burn thier nose
on the binge

1am 2am
3am 4
time flying by
we need to get more

Coming down - c o m i n g d o w n
gotta get some sleep
next time this shits on me
cuz I get paid next week
the swinger of birches fast car..."we gotta make a decision. leave tonight or live and die this way." 021219
Cicero If I had to pick one word to describe myself this would be it. 030704
slothisily hummingbird
wings flashing
bright colorful blur
flying off
in this direction that
lulie was your last. 081225
past the lack of food tips into the void where my fever burned a few days ago. nothing looks, smells, tastes appetizing and so i sit surrounded by food, in a voluntary but purposeless fast.

she looked at me and questioned the cold, which, truth-be-told, is mostly past. she saw the depths peering out of my eyes, but her concern tumbled into the emptiness, to join my appetite in its endless fall.

this deepness devours, it paralyses. i am forcing myself to write, to slowly climb back into the world. words first, then steps, out into the bracing winter air. maybe ice and snow will wake me.

i wish i could reach a spot where i could hold on to her concern and let it nurture me back into my fullness. instead i find myself staring at it coldly, driving it away without purpose or mercy. now, it's lost and i sit here, stuck fast.
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